Pool maintenance in Taree

A Clean, Sparkling Pool

We recommend a routine monthly pool service which minimalises your pool running costs by making sure your filtration system is running at the preferred time during each season saving you electricity and chemical waste.

Keeping your pool in peak condition all year does not happen naturally. It requires routine maintenance to keep your pool water clean and your pool looking great. We have close to four decades of experience with pool maintenance.
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Free Water Testing

We travel to you and perform a free water testing so you know if your water quality is how it should be.
Routine Testing — Pool Services in Taree, NSW

Routine Cleaning

If necessary, our team can perform a routine cleaning on the day of the free water testing to ensure you have clean and functional filters. We also check to ensure your pool water is clean until the next scheduled maintenance.
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Recommended Service

If your pool requires more extensive servicing, then we can recommend ways to improve the quality of your pool and the condition of your water.

Why Choose Us

We enjoy helping people in our community keep their pool clean and looking great. Our team can tell you what maintenance tasks can improve the condition of your pool and keep it looking great no matter the season.